Legal and Charitable Aid - Uganda (LECAU) is a grassroot nongovernmental organization with its offices located in kinyamaseke town council - Kasese district in Uganda near Democratic republic of Congo border and is fully registered by government of Uganda to empower the rural and vulnerable communities of Uganda in areas of Education, health, livelihood support, legal aid and advocacy.

It started in 2005 when Nancy and Gary Wilson and other friends from America visited kinyamaseke community and started supporting various grassroot projects in partnership with Ngamije Family ministry. In 2012, the Ngamije family ministry activities were growing, and a decision was take to form a non-governmental organization in the names of legal and charitable Aid Uganda, LECAU to take over the Ngamije family ministry activities and administrative systems were put in place to run the activities under the LECAU.

The Ngamije Family Ministry started to address the economic and social injustices in early 2000s.

2005: Nancy and Gerry and other friends visit the ministry and support its activities

2012: Decision to transition Ngamije Family ministry into NGO reached

2015: LECAU Acquires NGO status

The journey is tough but has been worth taking!

The inception of LECAU was as result of the many problems affecting our community especially the lagging behind in formal education. Our intention was to lobby people of Good will to support education in our community and over the time, many programs have come on board. We have impacted lives of many people through offering scholarships, construction of houses for disadvantaged Community members, provided clean water to communities and offered health care services through medical camps among others.

We are proud of our partners and friends for enabling the process.

Ngamije Faisal - Founder.

My family has been involved in LECAU since it's very beginning 20 some years ago. We have cheered, donated and supported as LECAU sponsored students' primary and secondary education, built wells that brought clean water to the community for the first time, built houses and latrines, distributed emergency foods and clothing to local families, more recently held a medical camp that brought basic health care to those who otherwise would not have had it.

Wilson Betsy-Partner

he impact of LECAU is very evident at the community level. Through our partners and sponsors, the scholarship program has seen poor yet bright students finish their studies. The results of our education support program will replicate to affect individual families and communities. Our livelihood support and WASH programs have positively changed the lives in our communities of operation and we are looking forward towards seeing a better tomorrow.

Muhindo Moris - Executive director