"A legal Social-economic and Cultural just Society"


To initiate, mobilize and promote the constitutional Socio-economic development of the disadvantaged people at household level and reduce the legal socio- economic and Cultural injustices as a means of empowering people attain their rights and full advancement in Uganda.


  • Justice

  • Sharing

  • Love

  • Transparency

  • Time


  • Humanity

  • Independence

  • Respect for partners

  • Neutrality


  1. To sensitize the general public about their universal and constitution rights and obligations by conducting public hearings, seminars, workshops, composing and staging drama

  2. To practically advocate and protect against human rights violations by instituting legal proceedings in courts of law, lodge complaints in law enforcement institutions in case of denial or abuse of constitutional and legal rights.

  3. To initiate and consolidate government efforts to boost environment conservation and mitigate the effects of climate change.

  4. To lobby national and international donors for material and financial assistance for sustaining life of the disadvantaged people during disasters like droughts, epidemics floods.

  5. To lobby local and international donors to support Education of the disadvantaged and needy Children to access quality education at all levels of Education.

  6. To interpret, translate and print or cause to be printed Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Ordinances and Bylaws into the local languages and literature so that the law can be widely read and applied justly and offer legal services to indigent persons

  7. To promote other charitable programs that improve access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene women and child health, and the general health of the population


LECAU is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in various communities. Our main objective is to secure additional funds to support scholarships for students in need. We strongly believe that education is the key to a brighter future and we strive to ensure that financial limitations do not hinder any student's potential. In addition, we are committed to improving access to clean water by constructing more water wells in communities that lack this basic necessity. We also aim to promote environmental sustainability through the expansion of our fruit tree nursery and distribution of seedlings. Furthermore, we organize free medical camps to provide healthcare services to those who cannot afford it. Another area of focus for us is raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and providing the necessary support and resources. Finally, we intensify our advocacy and legal aid services to ensure justice and equality for all. Through these initiatives, LECAU aims to create a better and more inclusive society.