Governance structure of LECAU

LECAU's supreme organ is the Foundation body that is headed by Chairperson.


The LECAU foundation board is the supreme organ and is charged with the central leadership role in connecting the past and future of LECAU, by articulating the mission and guiding it in meeting the goals that are grounded in it. The foundation board oversee the management of LECAU, approve corporate strategy, and make sure the financial statements are accurate.


The LECAU SMT comprises of the executive director and all heads of department. The SMT is chaired and coordinated by the Executive director of LECAU. The SMT primary duty is to ensure that the delivery of programs is productive by establishing and achieving targets through the application of the following five essential management functions: preparing, coordinating, staffing, directing, and managing the use of human, financial and material resources.

LECAU Departments.

Currently, LECAU has designed 5 departments. That include finance and administration; Health Services; Community outreach; Education services; Legal Aid Department.

These departments constitute of heads of departments; project Managers, Project officers and other staff as approved by the SMT.