Health Promotion

Our health promotion program targets the most vulnerable populations in rural communities to increase control over, and to improve, their health. We mobilize, sensitize and engage community members to take active roles in promoting health behaviors; own , maintain and sustain grassroot health projects. Currently our health promotion program is being implemented in 3 key areas.

1. Water, sanitation and Hygiene. We provide clean water to communities with dare need of water through construction water wells at community level, schools and health centres. We provide sanitary pads to young girls in upper primary and secondary schools who face challenges during menstrual periods and provide menstrual hygiene education. Construction of public latrines to marketplaces and institutions that don't have improved pit latrines

2. Medical outreaches. In partnership with ministry of health and established private not for profit health facilities, we provide free medical services both clinical preventive and curative services targeting most in need populations with emphasis on screening and testing of non communicable disease, HIV/AIDs, Vision (eye sight) and treatment of medical ailments among others.

3. Currently, our maternal child health services involve campaigns for mother's to attend antenatal and deliver from hospital and provide MaMa kits. We educate mothers on immunization to increase the intake of vaccines and prevent killer illness inrelation to the Ministry of health of Uganda guidelines.

Community Livelihoods

We envisage to create a better world at household level and supporting communities overcome barriers to improved lives. The goal of our livelihood program is to combat poverty and inequality by giving poor households access to better housing, fruit tree distribution, supporting households set up kitchen gardens as part of food security, distribution of emergency relief items, and guiding vulnerable households toward stable financial futures.

Improving housing: Working with community leaders, vulnerable poor individuals with extreme poor housing structures or homeless people are identified. Construction of permanent or semi-permanent structures is done

Fruit and non-fruit tree distribution. As part of food security and environmental conservation, LECAU has a necessary bed from which they distribute fruit tree and other trees to the communities.

Kitchen gardens. Training and support households to set up kitchen gardens to supply the required vegetables for home consumption and possible selling to community members.

Distribution of relief items. During droughts and floods, LECAU distributes relief items to affected families to sustain life

Education Promotion

LECAU lobbies for local and international support to promote education in the local communities of Uganda by offering scholarships to poor yet bright students from primary school level to higher education, provide scholastic materials, and offer career guidance to students in schools. We have continued to target sponsoring students pursuing courses are that have limited tainted human resource within the local communities

Advocacy & Legal Aid

LECAU conducts Civic education through Sensitization of the general public about their universal and constitutional rights and obligations, practically advocate and protect against human rights violations; interpret, translate and print or cause to be printed Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Ordinances and Bylaws into the local languages and literature so that the law can be widely read and applied. Represent litigants and indigents in courts of law